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law school libraries are magical and mystical

As children we are taught that libraries are magical and mystical. Places that are special because there is a wealth of knowledge behind those doors. As a kid, I had to wait for Saturdays, a time when one of my parents could drive me to the local library. I longed for the day when I could walk into a library at my leisure and not have to worry about my folks sitting outside with the engine running, waiting for me. As a law student I can waltz into the library any time I damn well please. The law library is open more hours than I am awake. Anyone that has ever been in an educational institution knows that the library has benefits, and I'm not talking about knowledge or learning here. I'm talking about hardcore staring at the off-the-wall law journal student who gets frustrated by the Wills, Estates & Trusts, Property, Corporate Taxation, Torts, Family Law, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Criminal Law books sitting on the shelves. However, I don't usually stare at th…