law school libraries are magical and mystical

As children we are taught that libraries are magical and mystical. Places that are special because there is a wealth of knowledge behind those doors. As a kid, I had to wait for Saturdays, a time when one of my parents could drive me to the local library. I longed for the day when I could walk into a library at my leisure and not have to worry about my folks sitting outside with the engine running, waiting for me. As a law student I can waltz into the library any time I damn well please. The law library is open more hours than I am awake. Anyone that has ever been in an educational institution knows that the library has benefits, and I'm not talking about knowledge or learning here. I'm talking about hardcore staring at the off-the-wall law journal student who gets frustrated by the Wills, Estates & Trusts, Property, Corporate Taxation, Torts, Family Law, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Criminal Law books sitting on the shelves. However, I don't usually stare at these types of students because my exploration of the wonders of the library are usually confined to sitting in the computer lab pretending I am working on my outlines while I casually glance at others who waltz in to print something or to check out Perez Hilton's site. So many students surf the net in class and act as if absolutely no one is sitting beside or behind them. I find it rather rude and often wish I had the nerve to tell them to park it at home for a day because, unlike them, some people came to class to hear what the Professor has to say. Not to watch them play Scrabble. I know you may ask, who told you to watch? Well, then I say, have you ever sat behind someone who is flashing through different sites? It's hard not to look. It's distracting. Anyway, today I was caught completely by surprise. Tension was building up in my brain from the audacity of some of the latest environmental decisions. What happened really didn't add up with my logical bone. I had to leave my post and ended up in the stairwell to take a personal call and instead of the usual WHO THE DAMN HELL STOLE ALL MY BOOKS routine, I actually found a Red Bull plopped right next to my backpack (books still inside)! Some kind-hearted individual left a Red Bull for me. How did she or he know I was caffeine deprived at that very particular moment? Now considering I've never been subjected to this amount of unexpected kindness I honestly thought someone just forgot it or maybe I was being monitored by the psychology department. Like I said, libraries are magical and mystical.


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