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Diego turns 6

On February 11th, my baby boy turned 6. It was an incredible time for all of us because we love celebrations. However, no one loves a good celebration more than my son. This guy can go on for days with "this is my special day so such and such will take place..." He squeals with delight, too. We celebrated as much as possible this year. You know as parents when you try to make up for all those wicked hours with one big celebration? Well, we had an unusually large amount of wicked hours piled up so we had to have two celebrations. The only difference this year was that I was in charge. (Last year, Lisa did a wonderful job of creating a birthday party in the mountains. But the anxiety of having everything ready to go two weeks before the actual party and then people getting lost in the mountains and being really late must've gotten to her because she handed the baton over to me this year.)
As a parent, I am not a big pull out all the stops person for birthdays or special h…