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Quest to Network

I just had coffee and torts (the fruity kind) with an old law school buddy. A buddy whom I had previously imagined as being on the same playing field as me (as if that were actually an aspiration of hers). Imagine my surprise when I walk into her study and see about nine framed Cali awards. I tried to play it off but what could I do? I submitted to my higher power and asked for the grace not to be jealous (or at least not show it). Then I laughed and said, "oh, you framed yours?" as if I had received the same amount and was too humble for the framing exercise. God knows if I would have received at least one then that one would have necessitated naming a room in my house after it. To each guest: "oh, and here is the Cali room." Needless to say, I was on my toes every minute of our conversation lest I be revealed as un-Cali worthy.

We talked about Federal Indian law which is hard to talk about when you know nothing about it. She shared about her employment woes and th…