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Your brain is not a garage.


Two chicks are better than one!

The world would be such a better place if we had two chicks as opposed to only one chick. Well, maybe some of us are lucky enough to just hang onto one! I learned this month the value of more than one chick. For instance, the cuteness factor goes up X2. For another, one chick could eat the other (as evidenced in the above photo) and there is still one left.

One of my greatest gal pals is pictured here with me and the other chick: Isabel. She's been a dear family friend for over ten years. She's become more instrumental in my life since the arrival of my newborn son. In fact, she was one of the first two people I called from the hospital announcing my new son, Nabahe. She was the one who encouraged me to give him a strong name, something he could grow into.  I'm pretty sure "happy warrior" fits the bill.

I'm so thankful for Isabel's friendship. She is a light and a lot of fun. She and Lisa talk non-stop on the phone and since I am not a phone person, she…