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Guys just wanna sleep...

Okay, so now the truth is out. Bahe didn't actually stick around long enough to take the game in. To my utter surprise, he didn't give a damn about the game.  There I was going over play by play to begin the early education process. I was clear on the difference between a strike and a ball.  I talked about how important stats were and so on. Only to look down and be confronted with this visual. Although Bahe was a fun date, he was a good reminder of why I stopped dating guys altogether: they fall asleep during the most important inning!

Start 'em young

I took my baby son to his first official professional baseball game. I wanted him to know what I expect of him early! Actually, I just love watching baseball. Since I live in Phoenix, I support the DBacks 100%. On this night, the DBacks played the Cubs and lost. It was a sad evening for us. Baby Bahe "seemed" to enjoy the game. How can one ever tell what a 4-month old is enjoying. Well, when he slobbers all over something or someone I have a pretty good idea that he is enjoying that particular experience.

I took him as a sorta first initation to the world of sports. Although he is in tow every Sunday for my softball games, I figured he might want to see the professional side of the sport. My softball team can barely remember to wear the same jersey come game time so we end looking like a bunch of misfits.

Always time to smile when it comes to good friends

Believe it or not, I used to live with this guy. Can you imagine me living with a guy? I can assure you it was not in sin. I don't know him in the Biblical sense! We met back in the summer of 2006 when we were both selected for the prestigious Udall Congressional Internship. They actually made a video us, Udallers, that same summer.  I think you can view it somewhere on this Blog site. Anyway, my buddy Julian, is a great guy. A sweet guy with a huge heart. We got along instantly. Come to think of it, I can't think of one of the Udallers that I didn't get along with. There were a total of 14 of us in a big, three story Victorian house. It was a grand summer. One of my best memories of law school. Law school is long over but our friendship is still intact. In fact, here we are just last week. Julian honored me by coming over for supper. I made him Mahi Mahi, grilled potatoes and steamed broccoli. He told me it was better than McDonald's. I gave a good smile because that&…