baby brain beguiles my best intentions

Wow, can't believe so much time has passed without any blog postings! What have I been doing? Well, diaper duty is not for the faint of heart. I can assure you of this fact. I have tried my best to avoid it but, much to my chagrin, my baby waits until I am on duty to have a dumpfest. I must've done something in a past life that made it very clear that I needed another life to work on staying-in-the-moment and mastering the ceasing of my avoidance tactics.

It's been close to ten months since this little jewel has been present in my treasured life. All of my to do's have been thrown out the window. (Save the bath water lest I have a dirty baby.)  I had a garage to clean, a car to overhaul, a backyard to landscape, a book to write, a bar to pass, etc. All of it is GONE. But I have to say, honestly, it's with little regret. Having baby brain is something I paid good money for. Not a dime of it wasted, either. Sure, I have to now excuse myself from any conversation that requires a noun, verb, and connecting coherent thoughts.  And, maybe, I can no longer sit in movie theaters for hours on end. But, least now I can sleep any time of the day with a viable excuse: all the good books said to sleep when your baby sleeps! Now when I go to social events and the guests start using all the oxygen in the room with their overinflated egos I can excuse myself with great equanimity by simply saying "my baby needs me" and no one is the wiser. Suffice to say, I've learned a lot from my baby's brain and how it affects my brain. 


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