Late to Bed, Early to Rise

Seems to make no difference what time I hit the sheets. My eyes still open every morning between 5:30 and 6AM, without fail. I'm learning to see this as a good thing. There is an old axiom: early bird gets the worm. I actually stopped eating worms sometime during the 6th grade but catching a few might be nice for my turtle, Geronimo. Lately, I've been posting some thoughts on FB and there are days where I feel as if I could write a lot more than I actually do. Some friends suggested I go back to my blog and let my hair down. Well, my hair is down this morning. I see that I have been grossly negligent here. 2012? Wow, so much has happened since then. I am not the type of person to back track and get caught up. So, I will go forward from here and do my best to stay current. I am still getting the whole schedule thing down.  Seems lately that I am stuck in this part-time-phase: part time consultant, part time house cleaner, part time gardener, part time artist, part time sports enthusiast, part time friend, etc. Now, I am going to attempt to do the part time writer and see what that brings. I went to an open mic this last Monday and it felt nice. Strange to be in a place full of strangers. I kept thinking this is what the writer's life is kinda like. You pay your dues. So, I paid my first due this last Monday. I hope to get more involved in the writing and performance scene. We'll see how well that coincides with my full time mom gig. Right now, I have a sitter who is available most of the time and when she is not, she's an eighth grader, her older brother or parents take my son for the evening. Rhiannon and her family have literally opened up my social life. Anyway, this is a quick post just to get my feet wet. Feels nice to be back by the water. I'm a fish sign, so my preference is to stay wet!


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