The Kingdom of God is HERE, NOW

Almost a year ago I had a contractor come into my home to hang some ceiling fans and install a new kitchen faucet. I did not know him prior to having this work done. While he was here, he took a picture of The Beatitudes. I have them hanging in my kitchen. I inquired a bit, "Oh, you like the Beatitudes?" He said he'd never heard of them before and thought they were beautiful. His reply completely arrested my attention though I did not say anything more. All day I pondered on what kind of life someone might lead where they have never heard of the Beatitudes. 
Fast forward to the past couple of days...I'm still pondering...though, my pondering is centered on what type of life Jesus led that would cause him to utter the Beatitudes in the first place. 
The Beatitudes are focused on the kingdom of God and how one may enter. My entire life I have been misled to believe that this kingdom of God is somewhere in the future, somewhere far away. In a way, ungraspable in this lifetime. 
The kingdom of God is not something that will happen. It is something that simply can't happen because it is a condition that has no plural, but only infinite singulars. I know this from my children. Jesus said that children were already in it. I believe this, too, because of my experience with my children. 
So as adults, how do we get in it? 
We must stop looking forward and backward. Only then will we be able to devote ourselves to seeking the kingdom of God. Which, by the way, is right beneath our feet, right under our noses. Where else but here and now can we find the grace-bestowing, inexhaustible presence of God? The kingdom of God is in the here and now, in this very moment. When we find it, we find ourselves, rich beyond all our dreams. 
You don't have to be uber spiritual to want to live in the kingdom of God, either. The Jesus that most of us don't know is a man who has emptied himself of doctrines, desires, rules - all the mental claptrap and spiritual baggage that separate us from true life. 
That's all I have for today. My children await to be taken to school. Today is my daughter's first step on her Ph.D path. 
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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