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I suppose since it is the new year and there are new beginnings (real as well as imagined) happening all around, it is not too far-fetched to sound the WAKE UP call. As I rolled my body out of bed, careful not to put pressure on my tailbone, I thought about where I wanted to go in twenty eighteen. I no longer do the resolution list because I loathe lists and my follow through is laughable. I do, however, create some intentions. Mostly, I just ask God daily for faith and wisdom to know what path to follow or when to create my own.  In reality, the only way to be a light and walk in the light is to walk with wisdom. This last year has been a poignant lesson on how timing is related to wisdom. Because of timing, I've let relationships go, knowing their time was over. I've also let habits go because I saw how they disrupted the timing of the harvest in my life. Essentially, this past year has been a lesson best expressed in the phrase: WAIT FOR IT!  I've accepted that I am a …