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Thanks for giving me a Thanksgiving I can be thankful for

It's been somewhat of a difficult year in that I have had to make a decision that I never imagined myself making. Great opener, eh? Truth is that I really don't even know where to begin. I'll begin by admitting that I don't know the first thing about unconditional love. I've had to learn it from my kids and my dogs. Unfortunately, I am a slow learner.

I'd love to blame my lack of being stellar at the art of loving on my folks but I'm at the age now where I can see that it is foolish to blame-shift. Meaning that now that I have kids, I see where my folks made some right moves where I was concerned. I also have more compassion for the wrong moves that still seem to exist in my mind's eye.

I've made what seems like a career of running from relationships that asked too much of me.  I have a laundry list of friends, family and lovers that I've washed myself clean of. Again, my age comes into play. I read too much. Although I enjoy a wide range of li…