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If you're not LGBTQ, Black, a Survivor of Gun Violence, Muslim, a High School Student, an Immigrant, a Woman, Poor, an Elder, or Human, you don't need to read this...keep scrolling... We are in a time where many groups of humans are facing the indignities of discrimination, oppression, unmitigated harassment and actual physical violence. Where do we turn to? Who do we turn to?  I've spoken to many people who don't think any of this is new. It's just that we can see it now. We live in an era of videos and sharable media. People who are reluctant to step in and help aren't afraid to video the violence and post it.  I met with a friend this morning for coffee. We spoke of how difficult it is to believe the world is existing as it is. How can we sustain this much longer? Hate isn't sustainable. I don't how many of us are aware of this fact. It's destructive and it isn't selective of who it destroys.  Our communities are undergoing systematic damage…


This Mother's Day I honor my co-parent, best friend, all around cheerleader. Lisa is Mama to the two children who light up my life on a daily basis. It goes without saying, they are indeed the apples of her eye.  We don't honor enough. At least I don't. So here I am...honoring.  Lisa's contribution to these two amazing human beings who are growing up in a world that is confusing at times: She teaches them resiliency because she is resilient. She shows them how to be strong as she continues to show up every weekend for them even though she spends the weeks traveling the country. She teaches them to take responsibility, to never blame someone else for their faults, failings and mistakes. Every weekend she participates in a project with them, whether it is dying eggs from dye she and Bahe made, going over to a friend's house to help with her ever-growing garden, teaching them how to make a cake, helping Bahe weave his first mini rug, or painting something magnificent…