New Year, New Heart

Time flies when you're having fun...I originally had so many intentions and ideas for this blog but somehow the everydayness of life crept up and took precedence over my creative spurts. I've also gone through some major changes. None of which is all that interesting but I will share a few: a year of acupuncture, several months off of caffeine, sleeping close to seven hours a night and exercising regularly. There have also been some changes to Team Begay, which will be another blog. I just got home from a long board meeting and have an ounce of creative juice to squirt out before I need to hit the sheets.

After welcoming in the new year with the love of my life, I got a call from Navajo Nation Social Services inquiring about my interest in adopting a baby boy. Well, what could I say? Having a baby son is/was one of my life dreams. It was actually on my list of top ten. So I replied affirmatively. Little did I know it was going to be a whirlwind of an excursion, a ride to which I am still not sure I am buckled in for, that would literally change my inner dialogue about what I believed to be right about the world. Let's not get lost in metaphors here because baby rearing is hard work. I met my son when he was seven days old. The actual sight of him scared me. He was so small and yet I immediately felt a tenderness towards him. I, along with the rest of the crew, ended up staying in Flagstaff until my son was released from the hospital into my permanent care. One hears about these types of stories but until it actually happens to you, it remains unfathomable. Since I am tired, I am going to rush into the point. I have a baby son. He is Navajo - Dine, and shares one of my clans. He is the most beautiful example of how God answers my prayers. I named him Nabahe Bahozhoni which translates "happy warrior" and so far he has lived up to his name. He is fierce when he wants something but so happy when all his needs are being met. He has already been a major motivating factor in my life. He is my pill for ADD (ambition deficit disorder). My creative juices are flowing. Life happens at a quicker pace than before and I find that I have little time to analyze everything. I am becoming a doer which translates into: I can change a diaper pretty damn quick!


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